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John 8:36 – If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

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“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And shall teach them diligently unto thy children…”(Deuteronomy 6:5-7a)“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (II Timothy 3:16-17)

The primary responsibility for educating children is given to the home, and church is an extension of the educational process of the home. Our Christian education program is designed to help fulfill these God-given responsibilities.

Proverbs 22:6 tells us to train up a child in THE way he should go. Thus a Christian education program involves training. This training extends to many areas: Leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, academic achievement, and an ever growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and Master. We stand without apology for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the highest standards of morality and Christian behavior.

Freedom Christian School is a miracle of our Almighty God, for it was through His miraculous hand of blessing that the teaching ministry became a reality. Long before construction began many parents had enrolled their children and prayers of faith were offered up that God might complete His miracle. Within a nine month period of time the Lord supplied the staff, students, and original building. All of this was a result of fervent prayer because no money was solicited nor were teachers and students. These were all supplied through the wonderful mercies of our loving, Heavenly Father. Since that time our great God has continued to show Himself strong on our behalf and He has blessed with new buildings, additional staff, expanded curriculum, and more students. It is with grateful hearts that we give thanks and glory to God for all He has done.

Freedom Christian School began as a FAITH ministry and will continue to operate on a faith basis until the Lord returns. This places a large responsibility upon the parents to daily pray for the ministry, the staff and their children. Parents must also prayerfully search their hearts as to what their part will be in the area of financial support.



Since Freedom Christian School is a ministry of Freedom Farm Bible Church, this statement of faith is from the confession of faith found in the constitution of the church.

  • We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.
  • We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in the persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.
  • We believe that through the ministry of the Holy Spirit the believer is enabled to live a Godly life, separated from the world, and witnessing of Christ’s saving grace.
  • We believe in the fall of man and his need of regeneration by the Holy Spirit on the basis of grace alone.
  • We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and lost: they that are saved unto the resurrection of life and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.

Parents are required to sign the Biblical Philosophy and Parental Understanding Acknowledgment form.

Students and parents are expected to belong to and regularly attend a Bible-believing church.

This ministry admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, or other programs.


  • Submit application.
  • Both parents visit school.
  • Read this handbook thoroughly and sign the Parental Agreement form.
  • Request that your pastor send a letter of recommendation.
  • Office will call both parents and pupil for an interview.
  • Parents will be notified of acceptance.


  • Submit signed application with prescribed fee.
  • Parents will be notified of acceptance.


The curriculum most used by Freedom Christian School is an individualized mastery program published by Accelerated Christian Education also known simply as A.C.E.

These policies are set forth in the first interview. A Financial Information sheet is given to a family at this time and about one month prior to the start of the new school year for returning families.

Parent-teacher fellowships and conferences promote a good understanding between parents and staff. Every parent is required to participate in these informative and helpful programs. If both parents are unable to attend, then the father should, if at all possible, represent the family. We believe that fathers are ultimately responsible before God for their families.

Parents should also be aware of the devastating effect of a “false dualism” or double standard of living between home and church which only serves to promote hypocrisy and confusion in the life of a child. Consistent Christian standards will help to promote a sound sense of security in the child’s life.

To better understand our educational program, parents are required to complete the Parent Orientation Program.

Parents must also be aware of their responsibility in the area of financial support. In most public schools, over $10,000 per year is allocated to educate each child. The cost in most Christian schools is well over $5000 each year per student. Education is expensive and costs continue to escalate. This puts a burden upon our families to faithfully support their child’s education through regular gifts and earnest prayer as to what the Lord might have them do financially. There is no stewardship more essential than the child God has entrusted to parents.

Christ honoring clothing should be worn by all students and parents when attending any school sponsored activity. Ladies, out of deference, please abide by school standards when visiting the school.

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” (Psalm 127:3)

No staff member will be allowed to administer any medicines, tranquilizers, or aspirin to any student for headaches, fever, or other reasons without parent authorization in writing. All medicines must be kept and administered at the school office.

Parents are also required to sign a Medical Treatment form and return it to the school.


Students will be assigned in small groups to meet for a time of devotion, discussion, and Bible study each week. Principles of life are discussed, outlined, and illustrated in meaningful sessions led by the staff. Only King James Version Bibles are used in school.


A phone call from the parent or written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be presented to the teacher when a student returns to school after an absence. If the absence is foreseeable, a note should be sent in advance. Doctor, dental, and other appointments are to be scheduled after school hours, if at all possible. Absences are excused for reasons such as bad weather, death in the family, and medical needs at home. Excuses for sickness beyond five days require a note from a doctor. All other excuses will be counted as unexcused.

When a student accumulates ten unexcused absences per year, that student must serve a Saturday detention for two hours. The student must pay $15.00 to cover detention teacher’s pay. The Saturday detention policy will hold for each additional unexcused absence beyond the tenth one.

A student is considered tardy if he is not in the learning center at his desk by 8:30 AM. For every 6 tardies, a student will be charged with one unexcused absence. A student will also receive one demerit for each unexcused tardy.

Seniors who finish all of their required work early must still attend school full time with the above mentioned attendance requirements until one week before graduation. As leaders in the student body, their positive influence is needed and they are expected to “round out” their education with additional electives or online college courses. Seniors who attend ISC after graduation must keep the same positive leadership attitude and willingly submit themselves to the school rules and standards until its conclusion.

Success is the achievement of a goal. If there is no goal, there is no sense of accomplishment. Each day students set goals for the following day’s work. The rate of accomplishment should enable students to cover a year of work in a year of time.


A 100-95, 4.00
A- 94.9-92, 3.70
B+ 91.9-89, 3.30
B 88.9-86, 3.00
B- 85.9-83, 2.70
C+ 82.9-80, 2.30
C 79.9-77, 2.00
C- 76.9-74, 1.70
D+ 73.9-71, 1.30
D 70.9-68, 1.00
D- 67.9-65, 0.70

Grade 1: 01-12
Grade 2: 13-24
Grade 3: 25-36
Grade 4: 37-48
Grade 5: 49-60
Grade 6: 61-72
Grade 7: 73-84
Grade 8: 85-96
Grade 9: 97-108
Grade 10: 109-120
Grade 11: 121-132
Grade 12: 133-144


The responsibility for scholastic achievement is placed on students. The goals set by the student and reviewed by the teacher are appropriate amounts for each day and are to be completed before arriving at school the following day. Should the student not meet his goals for that day, he will be required to complete the work at home. Should the student have homework, a slip giving the pages to be completed will be sent home. The slip is to be signed by the parent and returned the following day.

Each time a student passes a PACE test and receives a star, he is given a Congratulations Slip which he takes to his parents to inform them of his achievement. Parents have an excellent opportunity to encourage and compliment the student at this time.

Progress reports will be given and discussed at the parent/teacher conferences scheduled after the first and third quarters. Progress reports will be sent home via the parent letter the second quarter and mailed after the fourth quarter.

Students must complete 20 pages per day (15 on Wednesdays). If a student receives more than two hours of detention time in one week, a conference will be set up with the parents (see Detention section). A probation schedule will then be set up. A student will stay after school until their daily goals are finished. A student who is ahead (beyond grade level) in PACE work will not be subject to probation. Seniors who have more than 20 PACEs in their final quarter will automatically be put on a probation schedule.

A student will not be considered promoted to the next grade level until 10 PACEs are completed in each subject in his current grade level. For example a student would not be considered sixth grade until at least a minimum of 10 PACEs have been completed in the fifth grade in each subject. High school students must complete at least 5 credits in PACE courses in order to be considered promoted to the next grade level. Students who take longer to complete their credit requirements may need more than 4 years of high school to graduate. Students who work ahead are encouraged to take additional courses or electives to broaden their learning or enroll in college level online courses.

Students must be in school a half day (3 1/2 hours) the day of a scheduled game or practice in order to participate.

P.E. is a required course for all 7-12 grade students. It is offered on alternating years to boys and girls. It is our policy that no student is excused from the required P.E. course without a doctor’s written excuse. More than 20% absence will result in a loss of credit. Students will wear prescribed clothing for P.E. Classes.

The Stanford 10 achievement tests are given to the students every year. Results are discussed with parents at a later date.

A prescribed course of study will be determined through a conference among the teachers, parents, and student.

Note: For non-PACE courses, credits are computed on the basis of 45 minutes of class time per day 185 days = 1 credit.

A graduation fee is assessed of each graduating student.


Math: Algebra I 1CR; Geometry 1CR; Algebra II 1CR; Business Math 1CR
Social Studies: World Geography 1CR; World History 1CR; U.S. History .5CR; Civics .5CR; Economics .5
English: English I 1CR; English II 1CR; English III 1CR; Speech 1CR
Science: Biology 1CR; Physical Science 1CR; Chemistry/Physics .5CR
Bible: Successful Living 1CR; Foundations for Living 1CR; Elective 1CR
Etymology 1CR; Research Skills .5CR; Computer Skills 1CR
Physical Education 1CR; Fine Arts Electives 1CR; Spanish 2CR

Minimum total of 23.5 credits

There are three levels of privileges which a student can earn F, FC and FCS. These levels all have their own responsibilities and privileges as follows.

Level “F”
Responsibilities are as follows: 1) Complete 5 PACEs in previous 3 weeks; 2) Maintain academic balance; 3) Accumulate no more than 45 minutes of detention time in the preceding week; 4) Memorize previous month’s Bible verses; 5) Must complete all goals.

Privileges are as follows:1) Fifteen minute breaks; 2) May read approved literature after daily goals are complete; 3) May engage in selected extracurricular office activities, i.e. convention preparations, crafts, puzzles, computers.

Level “FC”
Responsibilities are as follows:  1) Complete 6 PACEs in previous three weeks; 2) Maintain academic balance; 3) Accumulate no more than 30 minutes of detention the preceding week; 4) Memorize previous month’s Bible verses; 5) Present a special five-minute oral report on an interest area or project; 6) Must complete all goals.

Privileges are as follows: 1) Twenty-five minute morning breaks; 2) May read approved literature in office at any time during the day except at required classes (i.e. drama, P.E., music, group devotions); 3) May engage in approved extracurricular activities in office or other work outside of the Learning Center; 4) May be out of seat without permission to score PACEs.

Level “FCS”
Responsibilities are as follows: 1) Complete 6 PACEs in previous 3 weeks; 2) Maintain academic balance; 3) Accumulate no detention time in the preceding week; 4) Memorize previous month’s Bible verses; 5) Read and report on an assigned book or a book selected from a prepared list. Report qualifies for 4 weeks; 6) Must be engaged in some community service on a regular basis (i.e. music, drama, visiting shut-ins) or church related service (i.e. bus ministry, evangelism, music, ushering, junior church, janitorial work, and greeting visitors).

Privileges are as follows: 1) Same as “FC” privileges plus number 2; 2) May leave office and Learning Center at will for approved projects when not committed to other responsibilities and functions.

Any merits earned throughout the school day may be used to purchase items at the campus Merit Store.


Requirements for Quarterly Honor Roll

  • Three stars in each subject: Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Word Building (for grades 2-9 or electives in high school), plus an appropriate number of literature for levels 2-8.
  • Qualifying total PACE test averages:
  • A – Honor Roll: 92% or higher
  • B – Honor Roll: 86% to 91%
  • Each previous month’s Scripture passages memorized.

Requirements for Pastor’s Honor Roll

  • Meet requirements for the regular Honor Roll.
  • Twenty PACES completed each quarter for grades 7-12.
  • Twenty-three PACES for grades 2-6.
  • Percentage average of at least 94% for grades 7-12.
  • Percentage average of at least 97% for grades 2-6.
  • Three-fifths of subjects are to be in the core curriculum for grades 7-12.
  • Students must be involved in some Christian service either in the school or their home church.

Certificates and trophies highlight the Annual Awards Night held each spring. Students work during the year to attain these awards:

  • Silver Award: 60-74 stars during the year
  • Gold Award: 75-99 stars during the year
  • Diamond Award: over 100 stars during the year
  • Most stars in each subject (awarded in each teacher’s class):

Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building (elementary), and Music

  • Highest total PACE average (awarded in each teacher’s class)
  • Honor Roll all four quarters
  • Perfect attendance
  • Scripture Memorization Award

A most exciting and rewarding event for students is the annual ACE Great Lakes region convention. Students over age 13 by December 31 are encouraged to prepare for competition in any of more than 130 events including athletics, music, arts/crafts, and platform arts. Contestant Guidelines are available to assist students in preparing for competition. Preparation begins in the fall under teacher direction.

There are a number of field trips planned throughout the year. Parents will be notified of these as they arise. The Senior Trip is a required activity, and seniors will be expected to adhere to all school rules while away.

All withdrawals must be made through the school office. Fees are due and payable until a parent notifies the school in writing of a student’s withdrawal. Students who are expelled by the school must pay fees until the end of the month in which they are expelled.

A student who transfers to homeschool will not be allowed to return to Freedom Christian School until the following academic year and after a conference with the principal.


Freedom Christian School is not a corrective institution; consequently, we ask that a child not be enrolled with the idea that we will reform him. We are here to work with the home, but not to take the place of parents who have experienced difficulty in fulfilling their roles. All new students are admitted on probation for the first quarter.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner becoming a Christian at all times. Griping is not tolerated because it is not pleasing to the Lord. If your child does come home complaining about a policy or discipline, please follow this procedure: 1) Give the school staff the benefit of the doubt; 2) Realize that your child’s reporting is emotionally biased and may not include all the information; 3) Realize that there are reasons for all rules and that they are enforced without partiality; and 4) Support the Administration and call the teacher for all the facts.

  • When a child’s attitude is not in accord with the stated policies or principles, the child will be placed on probation or suspension and the parents will be called for a conference. If the administration believes that the situation has not changed within two weeks, parents will be asked to withdraw the student or the student will be expelled from school.

High school students in particular, because of their influence on younger children, are trained to adhere to the school’s philosophy and Christ-centered program. Such adherence includes abstinence from smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, use of narcotics, promoting secular or religious rock or country music, dancing, swearing, sexual immorality, and viewing pornography in any form including movies. Every aspect of a Christian’s life should represent a Christ-honoring testimony.

This ministry is dedicated to the training of children in a program of study, activity, and living that is Christ-centered. We believe that “all things should be done decently and in order” and that our students should be taught to accept the responsibility to “walk honorably before all men.”

Here, a discipline is maintained which is firm, consistent, just, and tempered with love. Our staff maintains standards of behavior in the learning center through kindness, love, and a genuine regard for the students. However, when disciplinary action becomes necessary, it is firmly carried out, tempered by good judgment and understanding.

Students are reminded that the Lord Jesus Christ expects us to be disciplined in all of life:

“Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord.” (Col. 3:20) “For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.” (Proverbs 6:23) “Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.” (Proverbs 19:18) “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.”  (Proverbs 22:15)

DETENTIONS   (Grades 4-12)
The paramount rule is “Do Not Disturb.” Demerits are given for disturbances or broken rules. Three or more demerits in one day result in a detention being served at school.

3 demerits = 20 minutes detention; 4 demerits = 30 minutes detention; 5 demerits = 45 minutes detention; 6 demerits = 1 hour detention. When a student earns a detention, a “Detention Slip” is sent home with the student, and it must be signed by a parent and returned the following day.

If a student has accumulated two hours of detention in a week, he is automatically placed on disciplinary probation until a conference is held between the teacher and parents. The student must then show improvement in the deficient area as determined by the conference. After the second disciplinary probation, the student will forfeit after-school activities. If the student does not respond positively to these measures, suspension from school may follow.

Demerits are an indication that a student may need direction in developing principles of character in his life. Conferences with the teacher and parents are sometimes necessary to assure this growth.

Siblings (and/or car pool students if not picked up) of students serving detention must work in student offices during the detention. An alternative is for a parent to supervise affected students. Detention exceeding one hour will necessitate parents making other arrangements for all affected students.

Students with jobs after school must serve detention when scheduled. Students should notify the proper person at their work place if detention or Academic Probation time conflicts. If there is a schedule conflict at home, the student must bring a note from home.

General: Students are not permitted to communicate or be out of their offices without permission. They should not turn sideways or around in their offices or tip back in their chairs. Activities not related to prescribed material are not to be conducted in an office unless privileges have been earned. The American flag should be raised for teacher guidance and difficulties. The Christian flag is to be raised for monitor assistance in nonacademic activities (check out reference book, sharpen pencil, etc.). Personal questions should be asked on break time.

Student Offices: Offices are assigned and changed only by the teacher, and they must be cared for by the student. Tacks and approved background material for the bulletin board may be brought in by the student. Anything to be placed in the office must be approved by the teacher. The student should keep his Goal Chart posted on the bulletin board. Place the Goal Chart in the upper right-hand corner of bulletin board. Progress Card is placed on the upper left-hand corner of bulletin board. No marks are to be made on it ($2 charge for duplicate).

PACEs: PACEs are private property and are not to be shared among students. After a PACE is completed, the student waits until the next morning before receiving the Test. He will wait an additional night before receiving results and a new PACE. All work in PACEs is done in pencil.

Goal Chart: The Goal Chart is to be kept up to date. Use a pen in setting goals. No red or green pens are allowed. The student should set the exact page numbers of the work for that day. Only the teacher can change goals that are already set. The student should cross off daily goals when they have been scored and corrected.

Congratulations Slips: Congratulations Slips are to be taken home to parents the day received.

Scoring Station: Score Keys are to be handled carefully. Mark a red “X” beside the number of each wrong answer. (This indicates to the teacher that you need help.) Use only red pen supplied at score table (never at office). Replace Score Key in proper place. Replace pen. Score Key answers are for scoring work only. Correct wrong answers in pencil at office.

Testing Table: After the PACE is completed, scored, restudied, and turned in, the PACE Test is issued the next morning. Tests are administered at the Testing Table. Students who score 80% (90% for grades 1-3 and Word Building for elementary grades) or better on the test are issued the next PACE. Tests scored below these scores will result in the PACE being repeated.

No aspect of Christian testimony is so readily obvious as the matter of appearance. We hold that Christians should present themselves so that Christ would be pleased and honored.

All students are required to wear uniforms. These uniforms are to be purchased from a designated source. Appropriate clothing encourages responsible behavior. One’s personal appearance is a manifestation of self-acceptance and each reinforces the other. We make no apology for the fact that we seek to use every means at our disposal, including clothing regulations, to encourage students to think and act like ladies and gentlemen.

Our grooming standards for boys as well as for girls are designed to minimize the unattractive spirit of clothing competition which seeks to draw attention to self or sex. They are also designed to help maintain gender identity that God has given to each individual. We encourage each student to gain recognition through Godly character and concern for others.

In addition to the standard prescribed school clothing, the following general information should apply.

Dress: Only distinguished Christian clothing as selected by the administration will be worn. School standards are to be followed by all students when attending any school sponsored activity. The length of skirts and culottes for girls shall be below the knee. Girls may wear socks, tights or leggings that are a solid color of white, blue, or red. Shoes will be appropriate for school. No sandals, gym shoes, etc. shall be worn in the learning center. Shoes for the boys are to be a polish shoe, the color may be black or brown, and belts must be worn with a buckle no wider than the belt. If boys wear undershirts, they must be white with no lettering (need to be an undershirt as opposed to a T-shirt).

Appearance: Girls are encouraged to put emphasis on countenance rather than outward adornment which tends toward distraction. Thus, girls are not permitted to wear make up which draws undue attention to eyes, lips, or fingernails. Girls may wear small ear rings in the earlobe no larger than a dime, and only one ear ring per ear.

Boys are not permitted to wear sideburns below the middle of the ear, mustaches, beards, or long hair, such as touches the ears or hangs on the collar or eyebrows. Haircuts are to be conservative, tapered haircuts. Fad cuts are not permitted. Ear rings and necklaces are not permitted.

The school administration reserves the right to discern other matters of current style. Such decisions will be designed to promote modest appearance and wholesome Christian testimony. Under all circumstances the opinion of the school administration will be considered final.

Property: Marked on, defaced, or broken property is to be replaced at offending student’s expense. Guns, matches, lighters, knives, radios, CD’s, and gum are not permitted on campus.

Language: Use only words which glorify the Lord.

Personal Contact: Students are to keep their hands off other students. A proper distance is to be kept between opposite sexes: no personal contact.

Couples: In order to promote many friendships and encourage healthy relationships “couples” are not to be together on school grounds unless a third person is with them.

P.E. Equipment: When a student checks out physical education equipment, he is responsible to return it or pay for it.

Lunch: Students are to bring lunches from home. Put trash only in large trash can. After lunch dismissal, students are to go to a recreational area.

Off Limits:

  • Other student’s offices.
  • Learning Center Control Desk and files.
  • Learning Center when staff is not in the room.
  • File room, except by permission from staff.
  • School office except by permission from staff.
  • P.E. area except with permission from staff.
  • Vehicles and parking area.
  • Students are to be off campus within 15 minutes of dismissal, unless requested by staff to stay.

Student who drive: Students who drive to school must have written permission from their parents by the first day of school. It will then be placed in the student’s file for the year. Student drivers need to remember that driving is a privilege and it can be revoked if abused.

Closed Campus Policy: Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours without permission.

Books/Magazines: Must be approved by teacher upon student’s arrival at school.

Student Bulletin Boards and Offices: Only approved items are allowed.

Visitors: Visitors are welcome after previous arrangements have been made with the teacher. Learning Center standards must be kept. All other visitors must check in at the school office and present identification, state the purpose and intended length of their visit, and must sign out when leaving campus.

Phones: Students must have their teacher’s permission to use any phone. Students must pay 25 cents per call if using the school’s phone, or they may use their own cell phone with permission. All student cell phones must be kept in their vehicle or turned into their teacher right away in the morning. With permission students may use their phones only in the school office during breaks. They may then pick up their phone at the end of the day. Confiscated phones must be picked up directly by their parent.

Computers: Students may bring their own laptop computer to school for word processing only. No games or internet access will be allowed on student computers or other electronic devices.

School Closings: In the event of inclement weather, school closings will be announced on local radio stations WPCJ (91.1 FM), WCSR (92.1), WLEN (103.9), WILX 10 (Lansing), and WTVG 13 (Toledo).

This handbook is an important source of information for students, parents, and faculty. However, it is open to revision and updating as needs dictate at the discretion of the administration of Freedom Christian School. In all cases the opinion of the school administration will be considered final. This Handbook is the sole property of Freedom Farm Bible Church and may not be sold or otherwise distributed without the expressed consent of this church.  Revised 8/21/16

℗ 2017 Freedom Farm Bible Church, all rights reserved